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About Us

We combine a human-centred approach with our technical expertise and define success as providing communication and digital experiences that have lasting value to your organisation.

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Our Difference


We put users at the heart of our thinking and design approach, so the final product always works for them.

Our team has a range of qualifications in human-centred, UX, UI and service design. What this means in practice is that we talk to you, your staff and clients to map their journeys through your websites and communications, test our designs with them, and make sure the final product is something they will use and enjoy.


We want to break down the barriers some people face when accessing information.

Your users will have easy access to your services and brand, regardless of visual or auditory impairment, colour blindness, preferred language, literacy levels, or other access barriers. Meanwhile, you can be confident in our qualification and experience in working with diverse communities and designing to accessibility compliance standards (e.g. WCAG).


We’ll find solutions that help you achieve your purpose.

We could give you all the bells and whistles of a holistic design and development agency if that’s what you need – but more often than not, a fit-for-purpose approach will have better outcomes for purpose-driven and public sector organisations. We’re continually evolving our understanding of the range of technical solutions available, so you can be confident that our recommendations are best suited to your needs.


We work collaboratively with you so we really understand how your organisation works and who it works for.

We believe six (or more) heads are better than one, so when needed we’ll bring an experienced, multidisciplinary team of strategists and practitioners together to complement our development and design expertise.

Bec Brown

Bec Brown (She/Her)

Partner | Creative Director

Bec has over 15 years experience working with clients to deliver brands, digital products, services and communication strategies. She is passionate about human-centred design and works with clients to better define their service or offering to help create better experiences for all. Her recent work has been in shaping and overseeing the strategic and creative direction and delivery of projects that make a positive change and impact across not-for-profit, healthcare, justice, climate, arts, education and the public sectors.

John Fry

John Fry (He/Him)

Partner | Digital Director

John has over 20 years of design, development and education experience combining a strong design aesthetic with practical coding skills. He specialises in WordPress development, creating custom themes for businesses with a strong focus on creating websites that are user-friendly. He is able to problem-solve complex technical information and distil it into easy to understand language.


"Sixheads stuck with us every step of the way throughout this painstaking redevelopment process"

Graeme Domm

Manager | Communication, Marketing and Service Development

"Sixheads stuck with us every step of the way throughout this painstaking redevelopment process, including extensive consultation inside and outside the organisation, and added significant value at every stage. I’d highly recommend the sixheads team for their diligence, patience, technical proficiency, practicality and – less tangibly but no less importantly – their positive work ethic and good hearted approach at all times."